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I want to have a JTable with N (!=1) columns in which some rows have only one cell that spans the whole N columns.

I've found an example on jguru (http://www.crionics.com/products/opensource/faq/swing_ex/JTableExamples4.html), however I'm yet to understand how it works.

I have also found some other discussions about this pointing to this article (http://www.swingwiki.org/howto:column_spanning), however the link has not been working for some time.

Does anyone have a solution or at least pointers to one?

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If you don't understand the solutions you've found, why would you think any other solution would be easier to understand? It is complex to try to manipulate the default UI of a JTable, so yes, the solution is complex, there is no way to get around that. Maybe someone can provide help if you ask a specific question about the solution you have found. –  camickr Jan 5 '11 at 21:38

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