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How can I add the "Server Authentication" EKU to a CSR or private key using Keytool?

Here is what i'm doing:

  1. Generate key-pair with ">Keytool -genseckey -dname="CN="" ...
  2. Generate CSR using the key-pair created in step #1.
  3. Submitting the CSR to a Windows Enterprise CA, asking for a Web Server cert.

The CA rejects the CSR with "The certificate is not valid for the requested usage.". How can I add the "requested usage" using keytool so that the CA will issue the cert?

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You can do this only with the JDK7 or later version of keytool. OpenJDK 7 should have what this version.

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C:\>keytool -genkeypair -alias -dname "" -ext EKU:true=serverAuth Awesome, thanks! Yesterday's snapshot build seems to be working great. – RichAmberale Jan 6 '11 at 22:41

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