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So I've been working with Autotools trying to learn the toolchain so I can use it in some of my cross-platform projects. I've got a pretty good handle on the very basics, but I've run into an issue here.

In my source tree I have a "data" folder that contains a sub-directory with XML files and another sub-directory with image files.



I want to be able to copy these files into the staging area using the same directory structure.

I've tried creating a in data and then doing something like:

data_DATA = cars/file1.xml cars/file2.xml images/image1.png images/image2.png


This "almost" works. It copies all of the files into the "share" folder in the staging area, but the underlying directory structure is lost; all of the files are in the 'share' root.

Any tips on how to accomplish this?


Ahh I seem to have figured it out (I think.)

data_carsdir = $(prefix)/data/cars
data_cars_DATA =  cars/file1.xml cars/file2.xml

data_imagesdir = $(prefix)/data/images
data_images_DATA =  images/image1.png images/image1.png

This seems to work the way I want.

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What you want is:

nobase_data_DATA = cars/file1.xml cars/file2.xml \
                   images/image1.png images/image2.png
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