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I have a report which has a Go To URL link where I build a custom URL to open with selected parameters embedded. This SHOULD open the report and set the parameters so that the report runs, but it does not. Instead I get "Parameter is missing a value" error because the URL does not set the parameter values.

Here is my URL expression in the main report: ="javascript:void('"&Globals!ReportServerUrl.Replace("/ReportServer","")&"/Reports/Pages/Report.aspx?ItemPath=%2fRptFolder%2fsubrptMiscPHDetails&rs:Command=Render&param1="&Parameters!param1.Value.ToString()& "&param2="&Parameters!param2.Value.ToString()&"'))"

That generates this URL which DOES open the report properly:


However, the parameters do not set set in the report itself as expected. I have checked the names of the parameters and they match exactly.

Anyone see what could be missing?

Thank you!

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The answer is I need to use the Reportserver not the manager, so this URL is the one that works:

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+1 for mentioning the reportserver URL. In my case the report opened but the parameters were not filled. – Michel van Engelen Jun 4 '13 at 7:33

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