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In my helpset file, I'm declaring a favorites view, using


This automatically adds an appropriate button to the toolbar (in the swing application). Unfortunately, the tooltip of the button reads "Add to favorites". I would like to replace this by my own text, but didn't find anything about this in the documentation or using a google search. Any ideas or pointers?

Disclaimer: I already posted this question to JavaRanch, didn't get an answer yet, though.

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If you extract the src.jar (rename it to and extract) and open the java class jh2.0/src/src/javax/help/resources/ you will notice that in the section

// Tooltips for Actions

is located entry for localization:

{ "tooltip.FavoritesAction", "Add to Favorites"},

This constant is missing from the jh2.0/src/src/javax/help/resources/ which is used in your case. Just add the right translation, compile the source or just this class and add it to the jh.jar (you may treat the jar as a simple zip archive)

Yes, I know this is dirty hack, but generally JavaHelp is quite useful

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Now this sounds weird. The ResourceBundle mechanism supports to "override" the class resource content by using a .properties file with the resource bundle. Try placing the looked up resource bundle as a properties file in the respective folder denoted by the bundle name. E.g. if HelpUtilities looks after by calling

ResourceBundle.getBundle("", locale);

you'd be placing your file in a folder structure at /javax/help/resources/ This must be located in your applications "working directory".

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