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I need some help! In qt app I have a central widget. In this central widget I have a QLabel ,and another QWidget. Now with the help of gstreamer I can get the video from my webcam and show it via the second widget. Now the problem is that I want to take a screenshot of this widget and put it on the label. But the methods which I used only gave a blank screen.

I tried this :

QPixmap wpix = QPixmap::grabWidget(ui->videoWidget,0,0,640,480);

and this :

QPixmap  wpix=QPixmap(ui->videoWidget->size());
ui->videoWidget->render(&wpix,QPoint(0,0),QRect(0,0,640,480),QWidget::DrawWindowBackground | QWidget::DrawChildren);

The only thing that works is to use grabWindow but here another thing:

The grabWindow() function grabs pixels from the screen, not from the window, i.e. if there >is another window partially or entirely over the one you grab, you get pixels from the >overlying window, too.

Now the grabWindow() is no use because of this effect, and the above 2 methods don't want to work!

Can someone please tell me what is the problem.Might it be the fact that I set the videoWidget to be a nativeWindow (if I don't set it my video stream would not be shown)?

Please help! If you need more info let me know! And please excuse my bad english!

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#include "ksmile.h"  
#include "ui_ksmile.h"  
#include <gst/interfaces/xoverlay.h>  
#include <iostream>  

KSmile::KSmile(QWidget *parent) :QMainWindow(parent),ui(new Ui::KSmile)  
    QPalette p(palette()); 

    // Set background colour to black
    p.setColor(QPalette::Background, Qt::black);
    QObject::connect(&iTimer, SIGNAL(timeout()), this, SLOT(timerDone()) );

void KSmile::startWebCam(int argc, char *argv[])    
     vs_WebCam = new VideoStream(argc,argv);   

void KSmile::timerDone()  
    std::cout << "In timer done " << std::endl;   
    QPixmap  wpix=QPixmap(ui->videoWidget->size());  
     ui->videoWidget->render(&wpix,QPoint(0,0),QRect(0,0,640,480),QWidget::DrawWindowBackground |   QWidget::DrawChildren);    
     wpix = QPixmap::grabWindow(ui->videoWidget,0,0,640,480);  
     ui->label->setPixmap(wpix); */  


    delete ui;  
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No need to put <code> </code> on every line. Just select all your code an click the code button. (a four space indention of a text-block is interpreted as a code block) –  Nifle Jan 7 '11 at 11:18
Just posting a large code block isn't (usually) very helpful. A small explanation before the code is usually the normal (and polite) thing to do. –  Nifle Jan 7 '11 at 11:19
Ok my bad.Well i've posted all the code because i was thinking that will help more?I've posted this question on qt forum but so far nothing! –  BlueEyes89 Jan 7 '11 at 13:46

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