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I'm beginning to think that my DBIx::Class tables need indices - I have a few expensive queries over multiple joins and I'd like to see if I can optimise them a bit. Is there a way to create and maintain indices on tables within DBIx::Class?

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The fine manual says to create an sqlt_deploy_hook function and use add_index to create the index; for example:

package My::Schema::Result::Artist;

 __PACKAGE__->add_columns(id => { ... }, name => { ... })

 sub sqlt_deploy_hook {
   my ($self, $sqlt_table) = @_;

   $sqlt_table->add_index(name => 'idx_name', fields => ['name']);

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Anybody got any clues as to how to specify ASC or DESC for indexed fields? – andymurd Jan 6 '11 at 5:04

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