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In my main namespace, I have a top level var named "settings" which is initialized as an empty {}.

My -main fn sets the contents of settings using def and conj based on some command line args (different database hosts for production/development, etc).

I'm trying to access the contents of this map from another namespace to pull out some of the settings. When I try to compile with lein into an uberjar, I get a traceback saying "No such var: lb/settings".

What am I missing? Is there a more idiomatic way to handle app wide settings such as these? Is it safe to use "def" inside of -main like I am, or should I be use an atom or ref to make this threadsafe?


(ns com.domain.main
  (:use com.domain.some-other-namespace.core)

(def settings {})

(defn -main [& args]
  (with-command-line-args... ;set devel? based on args
    (if (true? devel?)
    (def settings (conj settings {:mongodb {:host ""}
                      :memcached {:host ""}}))
    (def settings (conj settings {:mongodb {:host "PRODUCTION_IP"}
                      :memcached {:host "PRODUCTION_IP"}})))

(ns com.domain.some-other-namespace.core
  (:require [main :as lb]

;configure MongoDB
  :db "dbname" :host (:host (mongodb lb/settings))))
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Ok, I found the problem. It looks like it was a circular reference. I was ":require"ing com.domain.some-other-namespace.core from com.domain.main. Since the "require" is called before (def settings {}) in com.domain.main, the var does not yet exist when the other namespace is compiled...

I moved the settings map into a separate namespace (named settings naturally) and changed it from a Var to an Atom just to be safe. Seems to work great now!

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A couple things to check:

typically clojure namespaces have at least one . in them project.main I think leiningen may depend on this.

check the classes folder to make sure the main and some-other-namespace class files are being compiled.

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All of the namespaces have "." in them. I'm using com.domain.module formatting for my namespaces. I left it out for simplicity. It worked fine before I started trying to access lb/settings. –  erikcw Jan 6 '11 at 4:41
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