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I have an MSBuild project as follows:

<Target Name="StopApplications">
	<BizTalk.BuildGenerator.Tasks.StopApplication MessageBoxConnection="$(BizTalkManagementDatabaseConnectionString)" ApplicationName="x.Direct.Brackmills"/>
	<BizTalk.BuildGenerator.Tasks.StopApplication MessageBoxConnection="$(BizTalkManagementDatabaseConnectionString)" ApplicationName="x.Direct.Manhattan"/>

<Target Name="RemoveApplications">
	<Exec Command="BTSTask RemoveApp -ApplicationName:x.Direct.Brackmills -Server:$(BizTalkDatabaseServerName) -Database:$(BizTalkManagementDatabaseName)" />
	<Exec Command="BTSTask RemoveApp -ApplicationName:x.Direct.Manhattan -Server:$(BizTalkDatabaseServerName) -Database:$(BizTalkManagementDatabaseName)" />

My problem is that when calling the "RemoveApplications" target, the ContinueOnError does not work as I'd expect. I have a long list of applications to stop and remove. They won't all allways be present so I need the script to continue when it finds they're not there. This seems to work find for the "StopApplications" target but when it hits a missing application in the "RemoveApplications" target I get the message:

"Done building target "RemoveApplications" in project "cleardownApplications.proj" -- FAILED. Build continuing because "ContinueOnError" on the task "CallTarget" is set to "true".

But then, it drops out of "RemoveApplications" and moved onto "AddApplications"

Any help gratefully received,



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I've solved this a bit differently and uses a separate target to check if the application exists before removing it.

<Target Name="ApplicationExists">
    <BizTalk2006.Application.Exists Application="$(ApplicationName)">
    	<Output TaskParameter="DoesExist" PropertyName="ApplicationExists" />

The I use that exists-target as an "condition" in other targets.

<Target Name="DeleteApplication" Condition="$(ApplicationExists)=='True'" DependsOnTargets="ApplicationExists">
    <BizTalk2006.Application.Stop Application="$(ApplicationName)"/>
    <BizTalk2006.Application.Delete Application="$(ApplicationName)"/>
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Hi Riri, is the BizTalk2006 assembly a collection of bespoke MSBuild tasks that you've created? –  Rob Bowman Mar 25 '09 at 17:50
Good Q. Missed that. It's a task you'll find in the SDC library. codeplex.com/sdctasks –  Riri Mar 26 '09 at 6:50

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