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I am using Asp.Net MVC for my web page. And I am trying to show custom error messages to my visitors of my web page so that I added

    <customErrors mode="On" defaultRedirect="/Error" >

to my web.config.

I have an Error controller with an Index action that fired when an exception occurred in my web page.

But when i request an image or a javascript file that doesn't on server my custom error also hit for this type of requests and my custom error page arrived from server.

I think this is not a good solution for errors. Because browser waiting an image but response is a web page.

  • Question 1 - I want to disable custom errors for specific file types but i don't know how to do that.

  • Question 2 - Also If there is an error like 404,500 etc. I want to see a response code same with error.

But with custom errors response code is 302. I expect to see the real error code.

I found a solution for my first question, but i dont know that it is the best practice My Images are in Images folder so I create a specific configuration for my Images folder.

I added this lines to my web.config

   <location path="Images">
      <customErrors mode="Off"></customErrors>
  • Question 3 - Is it a good solution?
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so what should be served if the image is not found !? –  Pauli Østerø Jan 6 '11 at 3:12

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Create a HttpModule that subscribes to the Error event. Check the StatusCode and if its 404 (not found) check for what file was requested. If its a image, clear the Exception and set the StatusCode to something else than 404 and you won't hit the customError page.

About maintaining the original statuscode, you can save that in your HttpModule as well and setting it back in your Error controller.

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