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If I have a html dom as shown below, with out using any library (like jQuery) how can I iterate through all the sub elements of any given element. I need to check whether some custom attributes are set on those elements.

<div id="testme">
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Keeping my answer simple for the benefit of getting to the meat of the matter. Try either of these, which would you like?

//direct descendent nodes
var children = document.getElementById('id').childNodes;

// or

//all nodes below the top node?
var children = document.getElementById('id').getElementsByTagName('*');
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It is pretty easy using the html dom + javascript.

var printhere = document.getElementById("printhere");

function stepthrough(el, prefix){
    prefix = prefix || "";
    if(el ){
        //Ignore the text nodes
        if(!el.nodeName || !(/#text/i.test(el.nodeName))){
            printhere.innerHTML += "<br />" + prefix + el.tagName;
                stepthrough(el.firstChild, prefix + "--");

            stepthrough(el.nextSibling, prefix)


You can customize the printhere.innerHTML += "<br />" + prefix + el.tagName; part of the code to fit it into any anything.

You can find a working example in this fiddle.

This is an recursive function which goes through all the children and subchildren of the given node

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