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I need to look for all occurrences of a word in a line, but the search must be case insensitive. What else do I need to add to my regular expression?

arr  = line.scan(/\s+#{word}\s+/)


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You need modifier /i

arr = line.scan(/\b#{word}\b/i)


And better to use \b for word boundaries, because the second \s+ in your regex eats spaces, which may be used for the first \s+ of another matched word; also your regex fails on the beginning and the end of line:

> "asd asd asd asd".scan /\s+asd\s+/
=> [" asd "]
> "asd asd asd asd".scan /\basd\b/
=> ["asd", "asd", "asd", "asd"]
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wow that was easy lol, I need to wait 7 minutes to accept your answer. Thanks. –  Flethuseo Jan 6 '11 at 5:54

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