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I have a gwt url like this

when I am doing this


I am getting null??

By the way, I not getting the point why this ?gwt.codesvr= in the url!!

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To get the value of the URL fragment (the part after the #) call Window.Location.getHash(). This will return all of "ForumMessage=918".

getParameter() returns query parameters, not the URL fragment.

See here for more information about the parts of a URL.

The ?gwt.codesvr= part is needed to run in Development Mode.

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Look at this topic GWT URL Parameters

Here is answer

url should be http://localhost:8080/?testing=abc#pg5 instead of http://localhost:8080/#pg5?testing=abc

and delete that part (?gwt.codesvr= ) and run it in web mode. I think it will solve your problem

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I am currenly developing the application, how to run it in web mode, because in the url when i am deleting this in the url (?gwt.codesvr=, an alert containing is being shown GWT module 'biddingsystem' may need to be (re)compiled even when i compile again –  Noor Jan 6 '11 at 6:40
in the run argument and debug argument, i am also trying to remove -codeServerPort 9997 with no success, the source of all my problems is this part ?gwt.codesvr= I am using eclipse with the buit in jetty –  Noor Jan 6 '11 at 6:42

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