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Suppose I do this:

request.session['x'] = 33

How do I make this session variable expire in 4 minutes? This variable only!! I don't want all the sessions to expire.

If this cannot be done, is there a function that can keep track of it? (a function that uses sessions itself to count?)

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You'll have to track the age of session variable yourself. In actual Python code it could look something like this:

from datetime import datetime, timedelta

request.session['x'] = dict(dt=datetime.now(), value='something')

MAX_AGE = timedelta(seconds=240)

if ('x' in request.session and datetime.now() - request.session['x']['dt'] > MAX_AGE):
    del request.session['x']

It may also be possible to store your value in the cookie depending on what data it is and size.

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You can't expire a single variable within the session automatically.

Instead, you could store that variable in its own cookie, for which you can set a four-minute expiry. See the documentation on how to set cookies.

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request.session['x_settime'] = time x was set
if (request.session['x_settime'] is older than 4 minutes) {
     delete request.session['x']
     delete request.session['x_settime']

p.s. this is not python

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