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I do not know how to add controls dynamically to the form using c#.net, Can anyone help? I know this with vb.net but i need to know the syntax in c#.

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in the form, the following code can add a button dynamically.

Button button1=new Button();
button1.Text="dynamic button";
button1.Left=10; button1.Top=10;  //the button's location
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This is how I do it. You can also add your button to some other control than this, just in case. – Marcel Oct 17 '13 at 8:02

In Aspx

<%@ Reference Control = "WebUserControl1.ascx" %>

U can use the following in the Cs file to laod the control dynamically...

if (case)
WebUserControl1 uc = 
      (WebUserControl1) Page.LoadControl("WebUserControl1.ascx"); 


or try this


Can also have a look at:




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Please see the below sample

lets say forms name is frmMain.

Button btnSave = New Button();
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Please add your code in a code snippet block, it's just easier to identify code sections when scanning for an answer. – Pieter Germishuys Jan 6 '11 at 7:17

Below is the code that can be called on some events like page load or onload or even some user action like onclick.

protected void add_button(Button btn)
        panel1.Controls.Add(btn); // Add the control to the container on a page
   catch (Exception ee)
         lblError.Text = ee.Message.ToString();
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please fix your code markup – Pauli Østerø Jan 6 '11 at 7:11
@NishikaDas Please stop spamming that link at the end of your posts. – marcog Jan 7 '11 at 0:40

It's generally acceptable to add the controls to a panel, be it that the panel has been added to the page in the markup or programmatically.

See the following link for the C# syntax

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Below is the code to add controls dynamically to ASP.NET form.

  1. Initialize a label
  2. Assign text to it.
  3. Initialize a panel
  4. Add the label object to the panel.

    Label lbl1 = new Label();
    lbl1.Text = "Your message here";
    Panel panel1= new Panel();

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