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I am looking for a good tool which I can use online to make some good architecture diagrams. For sequence diagram I encountered a very cool tool (http://www.websequencediagrams.com/) which is very handy to use.

Can someone suggest me similar easy/handy tool to make architecture diagrams?

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You should try cacoo.com. Absolutely the best online diagram tool I have ever seen. I am even considering to purchase a license even thought they have free version which server up to 25 stencil.

With cacoo, you can

  • save your diagrams as public or private
  • send your diagrams to others
  • if you want, you can make your diagram editable, even without registering to cacoo.com
  • you can add any svg, png and more to cacoo
  • you can make you own stencil and sell it
  • and you can buy new stencils
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You could try using http://creately.com - supports most types of technical diagrams and pretty easy to use.

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Gliffy seems pretty good http://www.gliffy.com/ ... especially if you want facilities for sharing or collaborative development with team or clients.

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