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I had run following query in Oracle Database and produces following output:

Query: select id,name from member where name like 'A%';

 ID   Name
 261  A....
 706  Aaa.......
 327  Ab.....

 and more... 

This Query returns 50 records and

I want to display 10 records at a time to user.

Since, ID does not contain data in autoincrement fashion, i cannot use between operator.

and rownum operator also doesn't help much.

Kindly Help.


Ankit Agarwal

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 from (
       select id,name, ROW_NUMBER() over( order by name) r
       from member 
       where name like 'A%'
 WHERE R between FromRowNum AND ToRowNum;
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Thanks for you Help. It Works –  ankitjava Jan 6 '11 at 9:18

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