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I'm making a test plugin.

It does the following: exposes a function to maxscript through SDK.

so I enter : myFunction $

then in my code I've got the node. The thing now is that I've got to get all vertices and weld if they are closer then "X". Like "weld" tool in edit poly mode.

How do I move forward?

My function is now:

void FixMesh(INode* p_node)
    Mesh mesh(p_node);
    if (mesh.numfaces < 0 && mesh.isTriMesh)
        MessageBox( NULL, "This node will not fix, it has no faces.!\nCritical Error!", "Error!", MB_OK|MB_ICONERROR );
        MessageBox( NULL, "This node will be fixed :)", "Error!", MB_OK|MB_ICONERROR );
        //What do I do here?
        //I want to get all vertices, and weld with value "X".
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Can you explain what you eventually want to achieve? There is plenty of source code in the SDK for a weld operation (e.g. maxsdk\samples\modifiers\BasicOps\vweld.cpp). There are also base functions for vertex welding in MNMesh or EPoly. The MeshDelta class has a member function that can weld by distance threshold, too.

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here's the thing; I've got a script that weld's all objects vertces within value X. we use it on massive scenes. what I have now is a plugin that I expose my own functions to, so I want to do the same, but in the plugin. so that I can call the function like this "MyWeldFunction $ value" and it'll then get the object, select and weld all vertices within the value. I know I can do it in maxscript, but I want to see how much better performance I get. – Stig Atle Steffensen Jan 20 '11 at 7:57

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