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Following on from my question How to run an xcode project from bash?

I've found the built *.app in the build directory, but I'm trying to figure out how to get xcode to open it as it can't just be run as a Mac OS X program.

Any ideas?

thanks to chuan at this post: XCode Test Automation For IPhone

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Are you talking about Simulator or Device? –  Constantin Jan 6 '11 at 9:23
Device, I've figured it out using AppleScript –  Aaron Mc Adam Jan 6 '11 at 10:02

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I'm stuck with the same problem trying to launch my debug output from building my xcode project. I just experimented with the following

open ./prog.app&

seems to do the trick.

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I've solved my problem using a bash file that uses rsync to sync working directories and then AppleScript which builds and runs the project.



# script for moving development files into xcode for building
echo 'Synchronising...'
rsync -r $developmentDirectory $xcodeDirectory \
--exclude='.DS_Store' --exclude='.*' --exclude='utils/' --exclude='photos'
echo 'Synchronising Done at:'
echo $(date)


set projectName to "projectName"
# AppleScript uses : for / in directory paths
set projectDir to "Users:username:Documents:" & projectName & ":" & projectName & ".xcodeproj"
tell application "Xcode"
    open projectDir
    tell project projectName
           (* for some reasons, debug will hang even the debug process has completed. 
              The try block is created to suppress the AppleEvent timeout error 
           end try
    end tell
end tell

Then, finally, I'm using a shell script called run.sh aliased in my .bash_profile:



bash utils/sync.sh
osascript utils/buildandrun
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