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I'd like to use Easy Google Syntax Highlighter in my wordpress blog. Because often I will paste some java code in my blog. But I don't like the default style of Easy Google Syntax Highlighter, how can I use the eclipse java code style ?


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I recommend keeping an eye out for a good Pygments plugin for Wordpress.

The following URL is a blog post by Gwynne Raskind talking about a Pygments plugin she's made but has not released yet - it's currently pending clarification on licensing and the post was written just yesterday so it's definitely alive.


EDIT: I know it's not "eclipse style" but to get Eclipse-style syntax highlighting you'll likely have to rewrite stuff on your own. Since Pygments highlighting is crazy-awesome I thought this might be a good alternative.

ANOTHER EDIT: If you use java, http://www.java2html.de/applet.html might be useful!

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You may have to edit the language files, in the /Scripts folder. There appears to be no quick way to 'theme' it though and looking at the files it would be a time consuming process to edit the colors for each language.

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