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I have created a standalone java application. Now I want to write a technical paper on it. I have already written introduction and also about various functionalities that my app. provides. Can anyone please tell me that what other things are to be included in the paper?

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What's you're audience? Most journals and organisations publish guidelines for the styling and content of submitted papers –  Robb Jan 6 '11 at 9:35
I want to publish the paper in technical journal only. –  Harshit Agarwal Jan 6 '11 at 9:48

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Roughly I would say the documentation falls into one of the following categories user guide or docs for other programmers. In any case you would need to put yourself in the shoes of the readers. In a user guide you would write down how to use the application, environment settings, install procedure etc. In a more technical guide you should put code examples, UML diagrams, list of dependencies ...

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It depends what you intend to do with this paper. Why did you build this app? Why is it different from all others? What is innovative on it? How did you do it? Why is it better? Compare with other similar apps

If you want (and if it is relevant) you can also give an overview of how the app is organized

This kind of stuff :)

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