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Possible Duplicate:
creating comma seperated string to be given as input to sql “IN” clause


i have to implement multiple select dropdown,and the selected values shud be formatted to be input to "IN" clause of sql.

Am storing the selected values in a string.But there is no delimiter between values ,so i cannot split the string.Are there any other methods for the string formatting.

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If you store all values in a String without a delimiter you can not distinguish the values! Consider that also a blank (' ') is a delimiter - so you might have one without notice it :-) - Maybe post an example of your String. – FrVaBe Jan 6 '11 at 10:19
@K. Claszen - this is true in general but there are solutions for special case. See my answer below. – Andreas_D Jan 6 '11 at 10:38

Fun solution: Add the values to ArrayList or LinkedList, the call toString(). And replace '['->'(', replace ']'->')'.

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Or since the input is probably an array, you can directly call Arrays.toString( yourArray ), and then perform the same replacements. – Costi Ciudatu Jan 6 '11 at 10:16
Or since the input is probably an array, he can use this array to assemble the SQL IN clause String directly. – Andreas_D Jan 6 '11 at 10:45

If you had a collection of strings and then copied them to 1 string without delimiters you cannot separate them again. Just do not do this. If you still have problems please send more details about your task.

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If you know the values of the dropdown and all values are unique and not subsets of each other, then you can use String#contains() or regular expressions to test, which values have been selected.

But it's by far easier to simply add some trivial delimiter (like the common ";") while concatenating the String that holds the selection.

Example for the contains approach

 String[] legalValues = {"YES","NO","MAYBE"};
 String result = getSelection();  // returns a String like "MAYBEYES"
 StringBuilder inClauseBuilder = new StringBuilder();
 boolean isFirst = true;
 for (String legalValue:legalValues) {
   if (!result.contains(legalValue)

   if (isFirst) {
     isFirst = false;
   } else {
 String inClause = inClauseBuilder.toString();

Note - this approach will fail as soon as you have legal values like

String[] legalValues = {"YES","NO","MAYBE-YES", "MAYBE-NO"};
                         ^^^   ^^         ^^^          ^^
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