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I am just beginning with Hibernate Search. The code I am using to do the search is taken from the reference guide:

FullTextEntityManager fullTextEntityManager =
EntityTransaction transaction = em.getTransaction();


    // create native Lucene query using the query DSL
    // alternatively you can write the Lucene query using the
    // Lucene query parser or the Lucene programmatic API.
    // The Hibernate Search DSL is recommended though
    SearchFactory sf = fullTextEntityManager.getSearchFactory();
    QueryBuilder qb = sf
      .buildQueryBuilder().forEntity(Item.class).get(); query = qb
      .onFields("title", "description")

    // wrap Lucene query in a javax.persistence.Query
    javax.persistence.Query persistenceQuery = 
    fullTextEntityManager.createFullTextQuery(query, Item.class);

    // execute search
    List<Item> result = persistenceQuery.getResultList();


    return result;
catch (RuntimeException e) 
    throw e;

I notice that the query terms are interpreted as terms in a disjunction(OR). I would like them to be interpreted as conjunction terms instead.

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If you use the Query parser, then you could do it this way:

    QueryParser queryParser = new QueryParser("all", new GermanSnowBallAnalyzer());
    Query luceneQuery = queryParser.parse(QueryParser.escape(keyword));
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Since you are using the Hibernate Search query DSL you could write your query as:

Query luceneQuery = qb
      .must( qb.keyword().onField("title").matching(queryString).createQuery() )
      .must( qb.keyword().onField("description").matching(queryString).createQuery() )

Note that the query string is not parsed via the Lucene query parser. It has to contain the terms as you want to search for them (analyzers will be applied!)

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I don't know Hibernate Search too much, but I guess 'keyword()' will prepare a search based on tags, that are generally OR-based.

There are similar questions in the two links above, hope it helps: Keyword (OR, AND) search in Lucene

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