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In Visual Studio I have a lot of classes and UserControls that I have to move into another namespace. In eclipse I can do it with updating all the references automatically. In Visual Studio I couldn't find a similar function. How is this possbile in Visual Studio?

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If you mean moving the files themselves to different directory on the disk, nothing will be changed and it will compile just fine. Otherwise please elaborate on "move to other package" - what exactly do you mean? – Shadow Wizard Jan 6 '11 at 10:14
Ok, I think i confused a package with a different namespace. For example i want to move a class from the namespace A to the namespace A.B. Then I have to updtae the using statements in other classes. – anon Jan 6 '11 at 10:17
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There's no such functionality provided in Visual Studio. Resharper has such feature.

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If you mean moving between assemblies:

For existing built code you should add:


to the original assembly (that no longer contains TheControl). Then the CLR will sort everything out for you for existing built code without having to update the references.

However, for building code you will still need to update the references; I don't think vanilla VS has that built in.

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Rename is supported in VS for reference update, but not file or class movements

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I reccomend Resharper. It's really powerful refactoring tool fos VS. VS becomes even possible to use after installing it;) And it has tool for moving classes, methods, pulling up, pushing down, renaming and many more.

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