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I am using ckeditor in drupal

its setup ok and showing in pages and story very well, but it is not showing in edit pages

I am using Visibility Setting



node/add/* for the pages and story - showing properly

*.edit-body for edit page - not showing

I also try


even tried hard-coded


Page ID is

CKEditor: the ID for excluding or including this element is page@node/3/edit.edit-body.

Can Any body tell me where I am wrong

Amit Battan

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hey drupal guys is any solution for this problem... I tried a lot of combination of page id.... is there some other mistake... I am new in drupal .. please guide me... –  Amit Battan Jan 14 '11 at 12:37

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I has the similar issue with my CKeditor


It worked when i updated the Ckeditor module.

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