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hello i have a simple file upload with just one extra post parameter which is imgtitle.
it's used to rename the image after it's been transferred to the upload location on the server.

    $imgtitle = $_POST['title'];

    $extension = substr(strrchr($current_image, '.'), 1);
    $new_image = $imgtitle. "." . $extension;
    $action = copy($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $destination);

    echo "--".$imgtitle."--";

the upload works fine here.

what i want to do is make a simple app which would allow me to upload the file/image
i'm using WebClient to do so.
but i'm having some difficulties passing the imgtitle parameter. here's my code

Dim ur = New Uri("")
wc.UploadFileAsync(ur, "POST", "C:\testimage.jpg")

the upload is working i.e the file is there .. but with an empty name !!
".jpg" is supposed to be "testname.jpg" but i guess the PHP is not getting that parameter.
any hints please !
i used the QueryString property

Dim ur = New Uri("")
Dim col = New Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection
col.Add("title", "testname")
wc.QueryString = col
wc.UploadFileAsync(ur, "POST", "C:\testimage.jpg")

but with no better luck !!

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