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Is it possible to take two files that are open in separate tabs in gVim and combine them into one tab with a split/vsplit window? I'd prefer if there was a way to specify which tabs to join, but even something that is the opposite of :tab ball would be good enough.


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Here are a couple of functions that should do what you want, or be easily modifiable to get exactly what you want:


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This worked very slick. Thanks! – Jason Down Jan 6 '11 at 18:56
I modified the script so I can split vertically or horizontally when pulling the buffer over (I prefer vertical splits most of the time, but figured why not have the option). Thanks again for the link! – Jason Down Jan 6 '11 at 19:48

Lots of handwork but...

:buffers "note the numbers
:bn " where n is the number of 
:bn " for the other file
:tabonly " not necessary, closes every other tab

Or you can create a function for it which asks for buffer numbers, then creates the tab, and closes every other tab (for the opened files)...

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This is just what I needed: :buffers to see the numbers, saw that the buffer I wanted to pull was 12, then with my cursor in the target pane, :b 12. Then buffer 12 is open in both places so just close the other one. – Matthew Feb 23 at 19:26

Try this script:


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