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I want to know following about struts2:

  1. Does internationalization works for Arabic & English? Any special considerations?
  2. How can I change the alignment of text when locale is changed? For English it will be left aligned and for Arabic it will be right aligned?
  3. How can I intercept (during) the change of locale so, that I can reload the information on the page which is being fetched from the database?
  4. We also need to adjust some styles (css) since text with non-english alphabet/characters tend to take up space differently. Can we also “internationalize” css files?
  5. Any working example with this scenario.

Any help will be great.


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1) Yes. Make sure all characters in the message bundle are unicode escaped and not the actual characters.

2) You can use the css or html: see In out application, the Arabic is actually in the file in the proper direction so we did not have to change any styles.
3) In Struts 2 you can set the session WW_TRANS_I18N_LOCALE. See and

We had some trouble getting the language to store so we explicitly set that variable in the session

 Locale locale = (Locale) getSession().get("WW_TRANS_I18N_LOCALE");
            if (!(locale instanceof Locale) || !locale.getLanguage().equals(new Locale(languageCode, "", "").getLanguage())) {
                getSession().put("WW_TRANS_I18N_LOCALE", LocaleUtility.langToLocale(languageCode));

4) Yes you can create mycss-ar.css, mycss-en.css and load the proper file based on the locale.

5) Sorry I don't have any code to supply.

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Thanks for response. I didn't get your point no. (2) "Arabic is actually in the file in the proper direction" we are going to make application from scratch so, how can I make such file? Can you share some example to clarify? Thanks. BR. SC. – SmoothCriminel Jan 6 '11 at 20:55

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