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This is a software design related question. I'm wondering about a functional architecture. Lets say you are designing a functional architecture and you have your high level functions with lower level services. We aim to separate the development of the lower level service APIs so that they have well defined interfaces. My question is, what does it mean if something has a 'plug-able' design?

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Use a "plug-able" design when you want a system to work in straightforward and predictable ways, with very specific points of variation.

In your case it could mean that your lower level services support different business requirements. They could support different workflows for example or adding a new piece of specific type of hardware, etc.

The thing is that your architecture can only support very specific changes in the system. And it will require a lot of upgrades to support new functionalities in the future. Many open source projects support some kind of plugins, and I can tell you that even after 10 years they are always changing the lower level services. It is like that because every developer always gets new bright ideas and because of the quick changes in technology all around.

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Cool thanks for you help! –  Joeblackdev Jan 6 '11 at 16:10

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