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I have the following code

Criteria criteria = this.getCriteriaForClass(DeviceListItem.class);
Projection rowCountProjection = Projections.countDistinct("color");
int rowCount = ((Long) criteria.uniqueResult()).intValue();
return rowCount;

, whose purpose is to find out the number of rows with different values for the field named "color". The problem is that


returns the same number of results as


even though there are multiple rows with same color in the database view. When converting the Criteria object to SQL, I see that the SQL produced by Hibernate is

select count(this_.COLOR) as y0_ from DEVICESLIST_VIEW this_ where 1=1

when I would expect it to be

select count(distinct this_.COLOR) as y0_ from DEVICESLIST_VIEW this_ where 1=1

Why doesn't it work like expected and is there some remedy? Unfortunately I have no option to use HQL in this case.

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It's a bug, fixed in 3.5.2: HHH-4957.

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