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I have the following model and it's form:

class Project(models.Model)

class ProjectForm(forms.ModelForm)
    class Meta:
        Model = Project

So it's easy to create a form by instantiating: form = ProjectForm()

But in my case, I have several models aside from "Projects", and I don't know in advance for which of these models I will need to create the form.

So I would like to create the form from the ContentType instance of the Project model.

In other words, I'm looking for something that looks like:

myproject = Project()
form = createform(myproject.ContentType)
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Presumably you have a certain limited selection of models that might be used. The simplest way is just to create form classes for each of them, then choose the one you need from a dictionary:

    MyModel: MyModelForm,
    MyOtherModel: MyOtherModelForm

my_form_class = MODEL_FORMS[my_project.content_type]
my_form = my_form_class()
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It's weird that Django does not offer a method to get modelforms from a model ? Don't we have the information via : class Meta: model = Project –  sampac Jan 6 '11 at 17:53

Unfortunately, this was the best I could find - but a combination of get_model and form_for_model should do the trick. You'll need to use get_model to load up the model type you want to work on, and then form_for_model to get a form for that model.

Edit: Daniel's solution is a much better one if you know what models you're dealing with.

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Thank you to both of you, this helps a lot !

I will go with Daniel's solution as I have a limited number of models.

I think maybe I will need to add model_class() to "my_project.content_type.model_class()" in order to get the model class (to be checked) ?

Just for the record, I had managed to make something work with model formset factories :

from django.forms.models import modelformset_factory
ProjectFormSet = modelformset_factory(my_project.content_type.model_class())
my_form = ProjectFormSet()

but this form would of course not get all the customisations made in my model forms... so that was not a good solution.

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