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I cant get mod rewrite to work with the url in example 1 but example 2 works fine I think it has something to do with the url encoding how can I get example 1 to work? All the original URLS work fine/

Example 1

Original URL

Example 2

Original URL

mod rewrite code

RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9-]+)(/?)$ /tag/index.php?tag=$1 [L]
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Add % for the percent-encoded words:

RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z0-9-%]+)/?$ /tag/index.php?tag=$1 [L]
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The pattern ([A-Za-z0-9-]+) only allows alphanumeric content, and there are % signs in Example 1. If the tag part is always going to be present, then you probably want something like ^tag/(.*)$

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