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Does anyone know how to copy a VB.Net list of structures to an Excel range? It's not hard to do with an array, but I can't get a list of structures to work.


Structure MyStruct  
    Dim MyField1 as String  
    Dim MyField2 as Integer  
End Structure  

Dim MyList As New List(Of MyStruct)  
...populate list of structures...  

Dim rng as Excel.Range = MySheet.Range("A1","B9")  
rng.??? = MyList  '*** This is where I get stuck. ***
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With custom structures, iterating is the only way. You can't expect excel to be clever enough to map a list of structures with multiple fields into rows and columns.

Dim oneMyStruct, i as Long
i = 1
For each oneMyStruct in MyList
   rng.cells(i, 1) = oneMyStruct.MyField1
   rng.cells(i, 2) = oneMyStruct.MyField2
   i = i + 1
next oneMyStruct
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Thanks, Alain. That's sort of what I figured, but just on the off-chance that it could be done.... ;) – KDP Jan 6 '11 at 18:40

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