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Whenever I run propel-gen on a clean database (no tables defined), it generates errors because it first tries to DROP a table (Which doesnt currently exist) before creating it.

Is there any properties I can change to fix this?

So far I've found this:

But it would be nice to do something like "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS name"

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What database are you using? What version of Propel? – Jan Fabry Jan 7 '11 at 8:48
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I faced the same problem some months ago but couldn't find more than the trac ticket (you will find, as well, that I have commented it :-)).

Maybe try to apply Elan Ruusamäe's patch if you find this bug very annoying...

If I have enough time/motivation, I may write a patch too (to make Propel issue a CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS for DBMS supporting it) and hopefully the fix will be scheduled for one of the next versions.

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