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We need to keep passwords to different SCM, DBs, etc., etc. -- it's all for the development purposes and needs to be shared between engineers. However, different people work on different projects, so we need to be able to keep some access rights / roles there. Anything you are using? Security and safety of this storage is obviously #1 priority, the #2 is actual features I listed above.

How do you store / share this information?


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How could you say security is #1 priority, if you just said passwords need to be shared?? – AviD Jan 6 '11 at 21:42

Different applications with different passwords is always a problem. So what we are using is domain authentication to everything: DB, SCM, etc.

The most important tool is the Project Management Tool. Again access to projects is based on the domain accounts. There we keep everything related to a project, even secure information. Safety is achieved through regular backup. Security can be a bit low in this case, though, depending of the tool used...

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