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I am currently evaluating opensource tools for ssh and http tunneling in Java. I have come down to two contenders: Ganymed and JSch. Does anyone know the pros and cons of each?

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Here's my take on both after using them at length:

  • JSch: Ultimately more flexible, but at the cost of being much more low level. It is also not well documented (no JavaDoc tags) but is none-the-less very stable.
  • Ganymed: Provides good support for most of the standard SSH operations you might need (port forwarding, reverse port forwarding, SCP file copying etc.). Documentation is decent in the form of Javadoc of primary public classes.

The biggest difference, in my view, is that Ganymed provides a more intuitive and encapsulated API that maps directly to high level SSH operations.


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thanks, nice and concise overview –  Zubair Jan 7 '11 at 6:31
There is javadoc for Jsch written by paul here epaul.github.com/jsch-documentation/javadoc/.Nice one –  SRy Nov 9 '12 at 18:16
And quite good it is too. –  Nicholas Jul 10 at 18:47

I don't know about Ganymed.
But I have used JSch extensively for remote login and script executions. I used Google Expect4j with JSch for executing scripts on remote machines in expect mode(send/wait). You can get the whole output of executed command or scripts in your code using JSch/Expect4j/Closures.


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