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I have some C++ libraries. Is there a way to use them from Silverlight in a cross platform way (on Linux/Mac/PC)? I don't want to use C++/CLI if possible.

I googled this article saying COM is the only way. However, I was told that Silverlight4 supports PInvoke.

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FYI: I asked a similar question here:… – Mike Jul 19 '11 at 16:01
I have never been able to install and make silver light work on Linux, and I would avoid Silverlight if you wanted to have a cross platform product which were working on Linux. – Soren Jul 26 '11 at 7:01

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Silverlight 4 does not support PInvoke so the answer is no you can't directly use your C++ Libraries.

PInvoke is currently expected to be in Silverlight 5 for release sometime this year (2011).

See this John Papa blog Silverlight 5 Features, bullet point on OOB features.

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My impression was that Silverlight on desktop doesn't support native C++. Here is a link that seem to confirm it:

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Silverlight for Windows Embedded is quite a different beast from the Silverlight 4 and WP7. – AnthonyWJones Jan 6 '11 at 17:59

This is not possible. Check out also this question.

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Seams like most of the answeres only focus on the part of the question of wether Silverlight can run C++ code, however none of the questions appears to address the part of the question of Silverlight/C++ being cross platform -- to the best of my experiance Silverlight runs badly on Linux, so interpreting and summerizing from the other questions then;

  • No, is does not work with C++, and
  • No, nor does anything in Silverlight appears to work cross platform/browser.

Update: Just installed the latest version of Moonlight (Silverlight for Linux), and now at least it works, but it is using 100% of my CPU when active, so probably still not a good choice for a cross platform application. (using Chrome on 64Bit Linux)

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