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I am working with wordpress where i have a event listing system. There is a custom field in my post called starting_time which is unix timestamp. Now i want to short all posts by starting_time by this query_post command:

               'post_type' => 'event',
               'meta_key' => 'end_time',
               'meta_compare' =>'>=',
               'order_by' => 'start_date',

             'order' => 'ASC'

But it not working. Here is the site I am echoing the start_time in unix before the time remaining so you can see the value. And also my pagination is not working. May be I did something wrong in the query_post command.

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Are you trying to sort it so that it only shows everything greater than today's date? It seems to be working...if anything you might want to change the 'order' => 'ASC' to 'order' => 'DSC'? – redconservatory Jan 7 '11 at 12:52

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You need to make sure that you have the correct meta_key name used in the query. You say that the custom field is called starting_time but you set order_by to start_date in your code.

The order seems ok at ASC as this will show next up event.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I have fixed the issue. The problem was with the order_by command :) it is not order_by but orderby. – Sisir Jan 18 '11 at 6:15
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The problem was with the order_by command :) it is not order_by but orderby.

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