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I'm new to SPARQL querys and I'm using twinkle SPARQL to run a query on an rdf document that contians:

<defaultNamespac:courses rdf:ID="Cources">   
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course1"/>
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course10"/>
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course2"/>
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course3"/>
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course4"/>
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course5"/>
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course6"/>
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course7"/>
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course8"/>
  <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="#Course9"/>

The Query is as follows:

SELECT ?x ?course

WHERE {?x <file:/F:/Stuff/Muaz/GUC/Met.rdf#courses> ?course }

the problem is that no results are returned (only the x and course is displayed). Whats wrong? I'm getting on my nervous, Please help me as soon as you can. Thank you very much!

PS: What datatypes can be returned by the query? (only strings or numbers ?!)

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Just a quick guess Is it defaultNamespac or defaultNamespace ? witn an e at the end.

If that is not the error try to run the query:

SELECT * WHERE { ?s ?p ?o }

If I had the following RDF file, with some defaultNamepac define :

  <defaultNamespac:courses rdf:about="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Cources">
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course1"/>
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course10"/>
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course2"/>
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course3"/>
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course4"/>
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course5"/>
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course6"/>
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course7"/>
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course8"/>
    <defaultNamespac:course rdf:resource="file:///Users/msalvadores/kk.rdf#Course9"/>

Then the result of the above query would be, like the image shows:

alt text

In my case wih namespace xmlns:defaultNamespac="http://foo.bar" if I wanted to run exactly your query then I'd had to use the namespace ...

SELECT ?x ?course

WHERE {?x <http://foo.bar#courses> ?course }

My advice is that to avoid these errors try always to set namespaces.

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SELECT * WHERE { ?s /p ?o} –  Muaz Jan 7 '11 at 12:03
@Muaz I don't understand your comment , could you extend it a bit ? thanks. –  msalvadores Jan 7 '11 at 12:41
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