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Good afternoon! I've been searching StackOverflow and the web for about 24 hours now, and I haven't found an answer yet. I hope I'm missing something simple that a more experienced API user can point out for me.

I'm querying the Google Analytics API using their .NET library. This request works:


...but I'd like to filter the results. I've tried a single very simple filter which does not require URL encoding:


All I get is the maddeningly vague "400 bad request" error. I get the same result using the equals operator:

DataQuery  query = new DataQuery(URL);
query.Filters = "ga:city==Minsk"

Ditto if I encode the equals signs as %3D. This gets translated into "ga:city%253D%253DMinsk", according to the error message. I've tried single-quoting "Minsk", and double-quoting it; no luck.

I'm stumped. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Found it. It turns out that filters have to be "compatible" with the dimensions and metrics actually expressed in a query. Dropping ga:visitors allowed me to apply most of the filters I needed, though the combination of ga:pagePath and ga:campaign is not allowed with ga:visits... for some reason. Here's the detail, but be warned: you may end up cross-eyed.


Oh, and using the .NET library you do not need to encode equals signs or spaces in your filters. I structured my filters like this:

private static readonly string  Filter = string.Join
  ";", new string[]
    "ga:city!=Simi Valley",  // URL encoding is handled for you
    "ga:networkLocation!@equinix asia pacific pte ltd"
    // ...

Hope this helps someone!

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