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im using the jquery ui effect 'higlight' with ariel fleslers' local scroll. and i want both functions to run at the same time. the problem is, as for now, the functions are making each other queue. thats what my document.ready function looks like:

$(".button").click(function () { $('body').effect("highlight", {color:"#b0b8ff"}, 1000);

$('.navi').localScroll({ duration: 2000, lazy: true, hash: true });

written like that, the localScroll plugin waits until the highlight effect is done. setting "lazy" to false, the highlight effect is only executed after local scroll is done?!

am i missing something? is there a way to accomplish what i wanted? thank you in advance,


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By default, jQuery UI effects will add a queue for each animation, but you can manually call the function .dequeue() to automatically start the next effect in queue, like this:

$('#my_div').effect("highlight", {}, 1000).dequeue().effect('shake', { distance:5 }, 50)

This will shake and highlight the div at the same time.

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