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I downloaded the Facebook C# SDK 4.1.1, and incorporated it on a small ASP.NET 3.5SP1 web project. When I run the application from VS Studio 2008, it allowed me to install my Facebook application. When I log onto facebook, I can see that my app installed, as I see it on my home page left nav.

When I click on the app, it displays the default.aspx page on my facebook app iframe. Looks like it worked, right? No it doesn't because when I debug the page on localhost, I see that the Authorize() on the CanvasAuthorizer app returns FALSE.

I created a web app in IIS 5.0 so that the default vs studio debugger doesn't interfere.

Here are they facebook settings I have set and other relevant information.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Canvas Page "http://apps.facebook.com/mynewapp/"

Canvas URL http://localhost/MyNewApp/

Canvas FBML/iframe iframe

My Page Load:

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        fbApp = new FacebookApp();
        authorizer = new CanvasAuthorizer(fbApp);
        authorizer.Perms = requiredAppPermissions;

            if (authorizer.Authorize())

Here are the relevant sections of my web.config:

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Found out the issue:


The issue was only happening in IE. IE blocks iframe cookies...have to set the header to allow cookies.

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