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This may be duplicate question but I could not find one on SO. If so Please point me to the one.

I have seen many examples of Paging and Sorting using IQueryable all fine, but, I dont want to use IQueryable or at least not from outside Repository ( not expose it outside).

I am not using Linq To SQL. My Repository currently returns DTO or ICollection.

I am using JqGrid. I don't want to bring down all data at one time.

As my application is current in development I bring all data and then do Paging, orderBy , SKIP, where etc.. in controller.

what I would Like is to have these operation done at Database Level (where I believe it will be more efficient as size of database increases).

Any suggestions on how I should go about implementing Paging , Sorting and Filtering



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If your using your own DAL then I'm not sure what kind of advice somebody could give. 99% of paging is what you do in the data layer. The rest is simply using url variables to send these commands down to the data layer.

Usually Browse/Grid/Collection/Bulk actions are something like this:

public ActionResult Browse( string search, int page, string sortedBy )
      var dataz = MyDAL.GetResults( search, page, sortedBy );

The rest is up to you really.

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I agree with you. I think I was unnecessarily looking to complicate things by implementing pagination, filtering ... library like Ipagination for my DataAccess layer. Looking further into it I will for now stick with the way you have described above (or till I can ask a clearer question :-)) –  TheMar Jan 6 '11 at 20:38

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