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I'm currently writing a typesetting application and I'm using PSG as the backend for producing postscript files. I'm now wondering whether that choice makes sense. It seems the ReportLab Toolkit offers all the features PSG offers, and more. ReportLab outputs PDF however.

Advantages PDF offers:

  • transparancy
  • better support for character encodings (Unicode, for example)
  • ability to embed TrueType and even OpenType fonts
  • hyperlinks and bookmarks

Is there any reason to use Postscript instead of directly outputting to PDF? While Postscript is a full programming language as opposed to PDF, as a basic output format for documents, that doesn't seem to offer any advantage. I assume a PDF can be readily converted to PostScript for printing?

Some useful links:

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You might have better luck with a less argumentative-seeming headline, and a more specific question about the relative merits for your situation of PDF versus plain PostScript. –  Ken Redler Jan 6 '11 at 20:00

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If you're planning on only outputting to a PostScript printer, then use PostScript. Otherwise, use PDF.

PDF is more widely supported by non-printer devices. And for your purposes, there aren't any technical advantages of PS over PDF (other than not being able to dump the file directly to a printer).

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Does postscript print 1 page at a time; whereas, PDF renders all of it at once, thus increasing print overhead? –  clay Nov 13 '13 at 14:25

Here are some things to consider:

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PDF is a much more self-contained format and a high level of functionality. It also has more tools. UNless you specifically need Postscript, stick to PDF.

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