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 <tr id="myid">
    <td><input type=textbox id="myid-1" name="myid-1" value="" /></td>
    <td><img src="/images/add.png" /></td>

I have a row in a table, that has a textbox and an image that is an icon of a '+' sign.

When the user clicks on the '+' icon, I want to create a new duplicate row under this row. I have to then make sure the id and name attributes are unique.

What's the best way to do this?

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take a look at the following stackoverflow link: jQuery add table row

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You could create a factory function that returns a constructed DOM node.


var GLOBALS = { //create a simple GLOBALS namespace

function makeTableRow(defaultValue){
    var row = document.createElement('tr'),
        col1 = document.createElement('td'),
        col2 = col1.cloneNode(false),
        input = document.createElement('input'),
        img = document.createElement('img');
    //assign defaults to the input
    input.type = 'text';
    input.value = defaultValue;
    input.id = getDynamicId();
    input.name = input.id;

    //add icon
    img.src = '/images/add.png';
    //you could attach your click event handler here, although it would make more sense to delegate clicks to the table and inspect the source of the event



    return row;//return the newly created DOM node which can then be appended

function getDynamicId(){
    if (!document.getElementById("dynamic_id_" + GLOBALS.last_dynamic_id)){
        return "dynamic_id_" + GLOBALS.last_dynamic_id;
    return getDynamicId();//recurse until we have an unused id
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