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Is there a single-byte charset (e.g. ISO-8859-x) that matches the first 256 unicode characters (i.e. characters \u0000-\u00FF) exactly or almost exactly?

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ISO-8859-1 matches the first Unicode code points the closest, by design.

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Not to be confused with "ISO 8859-1" (note the missing hyphen after "ISO"), which does not define any values in its 0x00-0x1F and 0x7F-0x9F codeunits. "ISO-8859-1" updates "ISO 8859-1" to fill in the missing values, and became the basis for Unicode's Latin-1 codepoints (U-0000 to U-00FF). "Windows-1252" matches "ISO 8859-1" but defines values for its 0x80-0x9F codeunits that are different than what "ISO-8859-1" defines. –  Remy Lebeau Jan 6 '11 at 20:49
How does one "not confuse" that? :) –  Steve Dec 13 '12 at 4:52
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