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I have an swc which needs to operate slightly differently depending on whether it is being hosted by AIR or not. I've seen two suggestions on the internet:

  • Test Application.application for WindowedApplication.
  • Test Security.sandboxType for Security.APPLICATION.

However, these don't seem to work in my .swc as the compiler can't find WindowedApplication or Security.APPLICATION. My library doesn't need any other AIR features so I assume it's not being linked to the AIR libraries, and I assume shouldn't be in order that it continues to work in flash player.

Any suggestions?

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You can use the flash.system.Capabilities object to find out if you running under AIR.

var isAir : Boolean = (Capabilities.playerType == "Desktop");
var isFlashPlayer : Boolean = (Capabilities.playerType == "StandAlone");
var isBrowser : Boolean = (Capabilities.playerType == "ActiveX" || Capabilities.playerType == "PlugIn");
var isOther : Boolean = (Capabilities.playerType == "External");
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I would try flash.utils.getDefinitionByName() which will allow you to pass one of the AIR API classes as a String. This should throw an error which you can catch in a Flex environment or be successful in an AIR environment.

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