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I two pictureboxes in my application: One that is mostly just a background image, and another which you can move around changing some settings.

However, depending on my settings (X,Y,Width,Height), a fragment or all of the second picturebox might be "out" of the first picturebox. I don't want that.

Basically, if there is anything in the second picturebox's that is not over the first picturebox, I don't want to show that fragment. I want to cut it.

If I move the second picturebox back inside the first picturebox, then I can see all of it again.

Think of the first picturebox as a "view range"

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Tip: take a screenshot and add it in your question. It would be easier to visualize what you want to do. – Leniel Macaferi Jan 6 '11 at 20:24
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I set the second picturebox's parent to the first picturebox. Now the second picturebox is cut if it leaves the first picturebox's area.

Sorry for wasting your time :(

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Take a look if these threads can help : 1 2

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