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i would like to create a code snippet that produce a double slash between too marks. For example i write one that produce

   Cursor ready to edit

this is useful but i want

// Cursor

and if i end a line between this two marks i want that the snippet create immediately two more slashes

// line terminated with an Enter
// Cursor

what i need is something similar to what exist with the 3 slashs mark that create the special commentary bloq.

    /// <summary>
    /// text terminated with an Enter
    /// Triple slash automatically added
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="sender"></param>
    /// <param name="e"></param>

is that possible to be created?

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This is about one specific programming tool (Visual Studio), not about programming itself, so it might be off-topic. – Brennan Vincent Jan 6 '11 at 21:03
So you want to comment the lines? Why not simply use the existing comment functionality Ctrl+E,C ? – Stefan Jan 6 '11 at 22:31
Is because i create an application that use this commentary chunks, and the idea is that the process of creating this chunks must be the less painful possible, or more natural, just like you write the xml comment bloq. Change that lines after written has the problem that the intellisense is going to interfer and sujest things that i don't want. In summary the characteristic is only to make the process of write a commentary chunk a placer. And by experience if something is not friendly and is not comfortable to use it is lost. – mjsr Jan 6 '11 at 23:07
I now that the commentary bloq /* */ has this builtin behavior, but i'm asking because maybe this is possible using some construction inside of the xml of the snippet and somebody hopefully has face that doubt before and know how to do it. – mjsr Jan 6 '11 at 23:10
@voodoomsr Snippets only support static text and 'variables' that you can replace. It can't support additional logic for when your variable (in this case the comment) includes new lines characters. You're looking at extending visual studio with a plug-in if you want to do something like that. B.t.w. When commenting on other people's comments please include @name in your comment (where name is the name of the other person) this should make sure the other person gets notified you replied. – Stefan Jan 10 '11 at 2:14

If you have reached the limits of what snippets can do, you might want to try macros. Visual Studio includes several text editing macros in the samples to get you started. Tools -> Macros -> Macros IDE -> Samples -> VSEditor. For example NewCommentLine(). Copy it to MyMacros and adjust to your needs, and then assign it to a key sequence or toolbar.

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I have been looking exactly that, i was thinking in override the enter hotkey and check if the previous line start with a //, if that is true then i call the NewCommentLine(). Maybe this will slow down the text edition too much, i'm going to test if the code editor maintains his responsiveness. – mjsr Jan 10 '11 at 12:31

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