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I have a case where some values in a data file have 64 bit wrap around which makes them very large, like, 18446744073709551608.

So I have to perform a subtraction from 2^64. I tried this using the simple

2^64 - 18446744073709551608

But I guess this number is too large and don't get the actual answer 8. What do I need to do to perform this substraction.

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2^64 is bitwise or; 2**64 is two to the power of 64 –  mfontani Jan 7 '11 at 11:42

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Check out the bignum pragma:

use bignum;

print 2**64 - 18446744073709551608;

This should properly print 8.

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Note that bignum is just a layer that makes all constant numbers automatically Math::BigFloat or Math::BigInt objects. If you only want this for some numbers, you can either specify the use bignum; in a restricted scope, add no bignum; in places, or explicitly use Math::BigFloat->new('your constant') (or BigInt) to make particular numbers and the results of any operations involving them big.

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